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The MCDS was established in 2009 to respond to the growing demand of research and analytical data for planning and policy formulation.

About us

Who we are?

The MCDS was established in 2009 to respond to the growing demand of research and analytical data for planning and policy formulation. The MCDS’s mission is to provide research and analytical products using internationally acceptable innovative approaches in order to assist government and policy-makers in developing evidence based policies towards the country’s economic growth and wellbeing of Mongolian citizens. Its primary clientele consists of the network of agencies which make up the National Economic and Development Authority.

About us

Goals and objectives

  • Broadly stating the goals of MCDS are

    To develop and implement a research and study programs that will serve as a source for formulation of national development plans and policies. To establish Public, Private Partnership (PPP) to fully utilize existing professional and technical skills in the private sector. PPP will ensure successful implementation of policies and programs in effective and efficient manner.
  • Areas of professional expertise

    Human development and its linkage to the country policies, MDGs and poverty reduction, Statistics, surveys, censuses, demography, Basic social services including health and education, Governance and public administration, ICT, Mining etc...

Our skills

Our skilled professionals

Our team of professionals consist of 6 full-time staff, over 30 contractual consultants with wide range of expertise. We have access to a large database of about 50 experienced data collectors and interviewers. Our multi-language local staffs hold Master and PhD degrees in demography, public administration, statistics and economics obtained from Universities of Australia, United Kingdom, India, Russia and have extensive working experience in Government of Mongolia, international organizations and academic institutions of Mongolia, USA and United Kingdom. Their field of expertise include (i) Census and survey methodology and its operation; (ii) Regional development planning and policy; (iii) Social security strategy; (iv) Health and education sector developments; (v) Public sector administration; (vi) Housing sector development strategy; (vii) Poverty/MDGs monitoring and evaluation system development; (viii) Project/program management and (ix) Donor coordination. International associates have expertise in regional development planning and policy, health sector development policy, poverty reduction and social welfare, education sector development, SWAP analysis; and policy performance monitoring & evaluation.

The mcds strength

Leading staff of high professional level (advanced degrees), Network of high level consultants and researchers able to carry out given assignments at high professional level (advance degree), Technical staff of high experience level (local and international standards), Survey design, methodology, management, implementation (local and international standards), Data collection, processing, data analyzing, dissemination (local and international standards),Projects monitoring and evaluation,Policy recommendations development, Sector specific areas are population, labor, health, education, agriculture, poverty/MDGs monitoring system; urban development; governance, regional development etc. Innovativeness, High-Tech application to ensure quality, efficiency and effectiveness, Quality assurance practice is of high level (using e-devises, training and employing special team to verify quality of the study at different stages etc), Close cooperation and liaison with government organizations as National Statistical Office (NSO), Ministry of Health (MoH) et, Association with number of international and local professional research and business organizations as PACT (USA), JTAI (Australia), OT Mining Project (Oyu Tolgoi), Energy Resource (Uhaa Hudag Mining), Millennium Challenge Account-Mongolia (MCA-M), Asian Development Bank (ADB), Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC), Itgel Foundation (IT), PHI (Public Health Institute), LQM (Life Quality of Mongols), GCSD (Gender Center for Sustainable Development) etc.


Recent events

  • The MCDS has signed MoU with the NSO (National Statistical Office) of Mongolia to collaborate in number of follow up activities related 2010 Population and Housing Census and participated in In-depth and thematic studies using the census data.
  • The MCDS provided short term consultancy work for the ADB, namely conducting surveys (1) to define and help design the component of a Japan Fund for Poverty Reduction (JFPR) project which will deliver the most appropriate methods of adult financial education for poor households in rural areas in Mongolia and (2) to identify and assess the poverty and social dimensions of the Urban Transport Development Project for potential funding by ADB under its multi-tranche financing facility.
  • The MCDS, as KTKK (Khukh Tenger Khugjil Konsortsium) Local Partner, has participated in developing of CHSSP (Community Health, Safety and Security Program) for OT Mining Project, being responsible for Community Study of OT impact area. MCDS has developed population forecast for the Tsogttsetsii soum and population influx management plan for mining company Energy Resource.
  • The MCDS has gained extensive experience in working with MCA-M monitoring and evaluation operations in association with MEC LLC as implementing PURLS (Peri-Urban Rangeland Leasing Survey), Khashaa Plot Survey and Data Quality Monitoring for TVET Tracking and Follow-Up Survey.
  • By implementing SDC funded “Training and Capacity Building for local NGOs” project, MCDS has gained an extensive experience working with local NGOs and has come up with training curricula and content on the topics such as NGO governance, strategic management, leadership, NGO financial management and conflict resolution.
  • Currently, our Team is engaged in participatory self-assessment and technical assistance for institutional capacity building consultancy to support Aimag Associations and Soum Associations of Pasture User Groups that were set up under Green Gold Project financed by SDC Mongolia.
  • MCDS has gained substantial experience in TVET tracking and graduate follow up studies by implementing Government funded TVET Tracking Study projects.
  • The founding members of MCDS are engaged in designing and monitoring of poverty reduction projects funded by World Bank, ADB and UN organizations.
  • The recent study includes Annual Performance Assessment for Local Development Fund in 221 soums of Mongolia. This type of study was conducted for the first time in Mongolia. Based on the performance outcome, the Ministry of Finance has come up with the allocation of the local development fund for the soums.
  • Jointly with MEC, MCDS has developed tab based paperless survey technology using own developed software, enabling real time data collection and processing.

Our Partners

Research & Projects

  • Performance evaluation of Property Rights Project, the Millennium Challenge Corporation, 2018 - ongoing
  • Skills for development project: TVET management and technical and vocational skills training components, the ADB and Ministry of Labor and Social Protection, 2017 - ongoing
  • Skills for development project: Competency based training and assessment, the ADB and Ministry of Labor and Social Protection, 2017 - ongoing
  • Peri-Urban Rangeland Studies Phase 1 and Phase 2 Wave 3 (endline), Innovations for Poverty Action, 2017
  • Baseline Study for Eco Friendly Town Project, Korean Development Study, 2017
  • End-Line Assessment for Youth Development Program, UNFPA, 2017
  • Impact Assessment of Eco-friendly town project in Nalaikh, the Korea International Cooperation Agency, Sep 2017-Dec 2018
  • Qualitative Gender study in Labour Market, the World Bank, 2016
  • Annual Performance Assessment for Local Development Fund (baseline), Ministry of Finance under WB financing, 2016
  • TVET Graduate Follow Up survey, Labour Institute of Mongolia, 2016
  • Baseline/Gender Assessment of Canada Coop Association Project for Mongolia, the Canadian Co-operative Association, 2016
  • Capacity Building of the Pasture User Groups, Swiss Development Cooperation, 2015-2016
  • Salary Survey among Mongolian enterprises, Labour Agency, Mongolia Government, 2015
  • End project assessment for the Community led infrastructure development project, USIP II, WB, 2015
  • Baseline study of selected hybrid cars and their alternatives in Mongolia, jointly with MEC, Has Bank, 2015
  • Barometer Survey (nationwide Mongolia) jointly with MEC, Labor Institute of Mongolia, 2014
  • Qualitative study on Family Planning (nationwide), UNFPA, 2014
  • Training and Capacity Building for Local NGOs project, Swiss Development Cooperation, 2012-2014
  • Peri-Urban Rangeland Leasing Surveys /PURP/: Wave 2 Follow Up Surveys jointly with MEC LLC, MCA-Mongolia, 2012-2013
  • Peri-Urban Rangeland Leasing Surveys /PURP/: Baseline Survey jointly with MEC LLC, MCA-Mongolia, USA, 2010-2011
  • E-PURLS: Phase II, First Follow Up in extended areas (Dornod, Uvurkhangai and 2 soums of Arkhangai), jointly with MEC, IPA, USA, 2014
  • E-PURLS: Baseline Survey in extended areas (Dornod, Uvurkhangai and 2 soums of Arkhangai), jointly with MEC, IPA, 2011-2012
  • Qualitative Study of Analysis of Perceptions of Inequality in Mongolia (nationwide), the World Bank, 2013
  • Livestock and Agricultural Marketing Project Mongolia: Baseline Survey, the World Bank, 2013
  • Participatory consultation on Basic Infrastructure of Gandan, jointly with MEC, New Urbanism NGO, 2013-2014
  • Urban registry systems process study, Wave 1, jointly with MEC, MCA-Mongolia, 2013
  • Integrated Social services in Huvsgul aimag and Nalaikh district, UNICEF, 2012
  • Poverty mapping based on population census, UNDP, 2012
  • TVET graduates tracking survey 2012, WAVE 2: Follow Up Survey, MCA-Mongolia, 2012-2013
  • Data quality monitor for the VET 2011 Tracking and graduate follow-up surveys, MCA-Mongolia, 2011
  • Mandal, Bayangol soums socio-economic-health-culture baseline study, Centerra Gold Mining Project, Centerra Gold Mining, 2012
  • Australian Leadership Award Fellowship Program (ALAF), AusAid, 2011
  • Population influx study and its management plan development, ER, 2011
  • South Gobi Urban and Border Town Development Project (RRP MON 42184)-subcontractor with AECOM USA, ADB, 2011-2012
  • Project impact assessment in Tsaatan area, Huvsgul aimag, Itgel Foundation, 2010
  • Financial services for the Poor, ADB, 2010
  • Inclusive Financial Services for the poor TA, ADB, JFPR, 2010
  • Special Hashaa Plot Survey, jointly with MEC, MCA-Mongolia 2010-2011
  • Community Health, Safety, and Security Program in Mongolia (CHSSP) within Huh Tenger Higjil Consortium, Oyu Tolgoi Project, 2010-2011
  • Informal Sector study, Life Quality of Mongols NGO, 2009
  • Urban Transport development project, ADB,2009
  • Survey on Outreach of Government Program on Child Money, Amarjargal Foundation, 2009
  • Use of sheep wool insulation: Opportunities for Mongolian herders to increase income, Mongol Tulhuur LLC, 2009

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